Brochure Websites

Your existing inventory and categories are automatically populated from the Checkfront booking manager into your website, and instantly transformed into optimized, search-friendly web pages.

E-commerce Websites

Have something to sell to the masses? What better way to do that than selling it online, there are sites available to sell online with an auction and buy it now out there and are good ways to sell your stock, however, the fees can eat into your profits quite prolifically.

Web design MK have the knowledge and experience to help you take your business to the next level selling online, working with many different payment gateways including the well-known PayPal, WorldPay, Payment sense and so on we have helped our customers realise their online selling potential by designing and building their e-commerce website that not only meets their needs but also helps to build a reputable online brand that has brought their customers back to them time and time again.

DriverPay (TM) Websites

We used to provide standalone taxi websites but found over time our customers asked for more features plus the ability for drivers to be able to make their taxi driver payment fees online, so we developed our Driverpay taxi driver online payment system. We have now bundled this with the offer of a fully functional CMS (content management system) website covering many of the common requirements that a taxi company would need on their website.

DriverPay (R) Standalone Websites

It’s a busy task keeping track of drivers and a massive amount of administration when it comes to driver’s fee payment day.
They don’t want to be queuing to pay their fees when they could be out on the road working and earning their wages any more than the accounts want to sit there logging and checking each driver individually.
Web Design MK taxi driver pay is an automated taxi driver payment system that will save huge amounts admin time and costs allowing taxi drivers to pay their fees without having to come into the office or even the need to use a computer meaning they are able to pay on the go using their mobile phone.

Bespoke Web Design

With any business big or small some customers may want to put their own stamp on their website that makes it stand out from the rest, with this in mind we offer a full bespoke design service based on your ideas.

After providing a full brief our graphics designer will draft out your vision in images, once your feedback has been given and any changes are made they will then draft a storyboard presentation for you to view and again provide feedback on any changes that you might require to fit the desired look
and feel.