The Payment Portal That Saves Time & Money

It’s a busy task keeping track of drivers and a massive amount of administration when it comes to driver’s fee payment day.

They don’t want to be queuing to pay their fees when they could be out on the road working and earning their wages any more than the accounts want to sit there logging and checking each driver individually.

Web Design MK taxi driver pay is an automated taxi driver payment system that will save huge amounts admin time and costs allowing taxi drivers to pay their fees without having to come in to the office or even the need to use a computer meaning they are able to pay on the go using their mobile phone.

DriverPay Benefits

  • Easy Payment for Drivers from mobile phones.
  • Easy Driver Charge Importing weekly via spreadsheet.
  • Intergrates with iCabbi to allow Driver bookings.
  • Impose penalties for late driver payments.
  • Expandable platform – allowing extra plugins (etc drivershop, driver news blog)

Software Integration

Driverpay® Driver Payment Portal
Driverpay® Driver Payment Portal
Driverpay® Driver Payment Portal