We used to provide standalone taxi websites but found over time our customers asked for more features plus the ability for drivers to be able to make their taxi driver payment fees online, so we developed our Driverpay taxi driver online payment system. We have now bundled this with the offer of a fully functional CMS (content management system) website covering many of the common requirements that a taxi company would need on their website.

The key benefits of what we provide in our taxi website package are outlined below.

Website Benefits

  • Mobile friendly (Responsive) website
  • Online booking
  • Online airport booking
  • Online payment
  • Fare calculator
  • Contact forms
  • Complaints form
  • Lost property form
  • Join as a driver form
  • Customer feedback form
  • Special events form
  • Corporate account form
  • Terms and conditions (legal requirement)
  • Privacy policy (legal requirement)
  • Cookies policy (legal requirement)
  • Booking Terms and conditions

Other Benefits

  • Drivers can stay out on the road for longer
  • Mobile responsive interface
  • Payments can be taken through WorldPay and Payzone Gateways
  • Download transaction reports directly from your payment gateway
  • Receive notification emails when a driver has paid

Monthly Maintenance

  • Website security health check
  • Website system and extensions update and backup
  • Driverpay security health check and system updates
  • Website hosting
  • Driverpay hosting
  • Email hosting (multiple email accounts)

Reduced hourly rates

You may require additional work or content changes from time to time, with our taxi website package you can take advantage of our reduced hourly rate of just £50 per hour making a saving of £20, you may never need it but it is good to know.

Free Website

After 2 years you might want to upgrade your website, change the design or colours, how does it sound when we tell you that after 24 months we provide you with a website upgrade completely free of charge? (Subject to renewal of contract)

What’s it cost?

We can provide you with all of the above for a setup fee of just £2150 paid in three instalments over three weeks and then the ongoing costs for everything in the list is just £149 per month based on a 24 month contract.

What you need to know

All prices are fixed and not negotiable
Customers are required to provide their own written content
Customers are required to provide their own images unless agreed otherwise
Customers will own the website the has been built for them
Customers will receive a lifetime single use license locked to the original domain for Driverpay
Product is subject to a minimum term contract of 24 months after this term customers are not required to stay with Web Design MK but will not receive the free website upgrade should they not wish to continue their subscription
All subscriptions must be paid through a direct debit each month and are subject to immediate suspension should payment fail without prior notice