Marketing videos are becoming more and more popular and the trend isn’t going away any time soon, they can be fun, quirky and very engaging in providing a strong argument for your products and services.

If you own a small business and are looking to boost your company profile with a marketing video but don’t have a video production agency budget then look no further.

Hollywood directors we are not but we have experience in filming, editing videos, using green screens, whiteboard animation/ explainer videos and can do it without the heavy equipment!

We can achieve results you wouldn’t expect for a fraction of what you would normally pay using far less equipment carried than a conventional video marketing agency.

We also have a membership to one of the largest video stock royalty-free licencing companies available on the web so we can produce your marketing video without focusing on a single lens.

We have an array of transitions, special effects and many other features at our fingertips, all we need to make great videos is you, drop us a line with your ideas and let’s make it happen.

What is whiteboard animation?

Quite simply it’s a visual story teller, it’s a succession of images laid out and animated to pass on a message. Some images such as illustrated people might also be animated to make it more interesting and fun for the viewer. Whiteboard video animation is a fun way to engage with your audience.
We can provide whiteboard animation explainer videos at an exceptionally competitive rate and you can see some examples below.